Isola di Cavallo , Corsica , Francia

A unique holiday

[header_box title=”A holiday in an enchanted place”]

People who spend time on the island say that when you arrive at Cavallo first you have the sensation to cross a marvellous threshold….to cross a border that brings you to a new horizion.

Few places all over in the world do offer the experience of the detachment from the ordinary world, for this reason it allows a true relax. In fact there is something totally exclusive in Cavallo lifestyle during the holiday, that is to say the incredible distance to everyday world and the simultaneous vicinity to every comfort, it is possible to plunge in an immediate suspension from everyday routine. This experience is overwhelming and reinvigorating, both for the mind and the body,  that somebody defined it as the true wealth of Cavallo, beacuse whoever does tune with the mood of the island will surely come back again to this place of absolute pace and purity.

Surrounded by a private and natural environment, nestled between the limpid sea and a luxuriant mediterranean maquis, the luxury and the serenity meet with the attention for details. The amazing beaches’ nudity is respected with great care thanks to a private security that guarantees the disqualification to the docking outside the harbour and even the prohibition to the umbrellas’ usage as to any other structure that can undermine the wonderful landscape composed by the creeks and the bays.

On the island it is possible to circulate only by walk or with little electric vehicle, as the golf cart employed on green. This little detail brings along an important impact on the island’s lifestyle, beacuse it allows a mild mood and a great silence, which represents the discreet but seductive voice of Cavallo.