Isola di Cavallo , Corsica , Francia

Reserved Access to Lodgers and Owners

Reserved Access to Lodgers and Owners

The stay in the Island is allowed only for owners and lodgers as well as guests of the local Hotel.

This makes the Island unique within the tourist panorama of the Mediterranean Sea.

The beaches are never crowded and you will enjoy the greatest privacy and security.

Security is also guaranteed by the local military district of the French gendarmerie.

Living the beaches

A special private safety organ supervises the chief beaches from uncivilized and illegal behaviours of possible access by sea.

Tourist boats do not dock direclty on the Isalnd’s beaches and whichever unlawful behaviour to the part of bathers is rejected.

Furthermore, at Greco Bay any docking or anchoring is banned: the sight you will admire from the beach is clear of boats, at the point that you will believe to have been launched to another age.