Isola di Cavallo , Corsica , Francia

Bergeriè Lily 001

Bergeriè Lily

Very beautiful Bergeriè a few steps away from the beach fashioned with natural materials, rocks and wood which make the building perfectly integrated with the surrounding nature. While assuring the maximum level of privacy, the mansion-house is located in a central area in proximity of the services; hidden within the garden, it has available outside areas equipped with a stone table and a wooden arbor. The Mediterranean Maquis vegetation comprises a great quantity of essences, chiefly myrtle, juniper and other species, many of which thrive during the spring. The maquis is autochthon and it can resist to very elevated summery temperatures typical of the island, and the resins of these shrubs are aromatic, as they release enjoyable balsamic fragrances. You can have access to the mansion throughout a little private path which crosses the garden, furnished with porches and a wooden arcade expanding the inner parts of the building. The entrance overlooks the – wooden-ceiling hall, a refined and elegant room organized on many spaces dedicated to daily activities. The guests can also enjoy the marvel of tasting a good meal on the outside veranda. Internal dining room equipped with a table with up to eight seats, open kitchen in white wood provided with every comfort: washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator, air conditioning in every room. From the great open space it is possible to have access to the two double rooms each provided with: private bathroom, a third double room equipped with toilets having independent access outside the abode. Another pleasant distinctive feature concerns the disposition of the bedrooms: one double and two twins, each independent, with a private entrance and toilets.

Suite : entrance, double bed, armoir, ante-bathroom, bathroom with shower and air conditioning.

Suite : entrance, 2 single beds with view on the Mediterranean Maquis, armoirs room, bathroom with shower and air conditioning.

Dependance: External double room equipped with 2 single beds, bathroom with shower, air conditioning. Each room is supplied with bed linen, towel set/bath towel. [one_half] [header_box title=”Scheda Villa”][bullet_list]

  • Location: harbour and centre
  • Typology: Bergeriè
  • Background: residential
  • Exposition: south
  • Private Garden: mq 1.000
  • Mq 135
  • Double Rooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 3
  • Garage: no
  • Golf car:  no
  • Conditions: excellent
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  • External patio/veranda – garden
  • Fully furnished kitchen
  • Utility Room
  • Air Conditioning in every room
  • Internet wi-fi
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Rental information for Bergeriè Lily







€ 428.00 € 570.00 € 690.00 € 400.00

1 Week

€ 3.000,00 € 4.000,00 € 4.830,00 € 2.800.00

10 Days

€ 4.000,00 € 5.500,00 € 6.900,00 € 3.800,00

2 Weeks

€ 4.900,00 € 6.380,00 € 9.600,00 € 4.500,00

4 Weeks/Monthly

€ 9.800,00 € 12.760,00 € 18.600,00 € 9.000,00

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