Isola di Cavallo , Corsica , Francia

The houses

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Sharply dotted by private villas, the Cavallo island offer to the observant a wonderful painting in which the architectural elegance and the luxurious refinements join together with the landscape’s views. Except the harbour area, the entire island does not accomodate any other building than private villas.

What makes extraordinary this mixture it is the fact that all the villas, with few exceptions, have been built in such a way to be well glossed over and hidden in the nature.

On the north of the western coast, for example, that is windblown, there are villas of great size, but at the same time they are almost invisible among the rocks, like they would be digged into them or made by ground’s excrescences.

Even the most normal houses have been conceived to be in symbiosis and harmony with the Island.

The most famous villa is owned by Carolina of Monaco and it is situed on the Palmà beach. It is a grey stone villa with a little mediterranean scrub park, which could be found similarly even in other areas, such as the  Corsica or in the south of the France, but anyway this house too is perfectly well-balanced with Cavallo’s mood, because it appears as the extension of the big pink rocks that delimit the beach.

There are many houses that look like cliffs, others are lifted like tents or castles to take refuge from the wind, others are wide open toward the sea like sublime terraces. By walking on the beaches and through the natural paths, it is possible to get a glimpse only of little details of the houses, like the glass’ transparencies and the stones that embellish the place by adding the discreet sign of human’s presence in the wonderful desert that surroundes the beaches.

This is the great credit of the few fortunate people who frequent the Island, which slowly settled down in Cavallo and established there a careful community very jealous of the Cavallo’s beauty.