Isola di Cavallo , Corsica , Francia

The island

In what does it consist the beauty of a place?

We answer to this question with instinctive vagueness…… it is in its character, in the atmosphere we breath there.

In fact, a place appears even more beautiful when it gets a unique feeling across us, strong of its nature and at the same time able to greet with kindness in its environments, making us feeling like priviledged visitors of a place without parallel.

The primitive and absolute beauty of Cavallo Island consists in the chance to come in a secret and reserved place, in which the strenght and the elegance of a touching marine nature melt in with the discreet and refined presence of Island’s visitors.

The limited number of people who frequents the Island allows to keep the entirety and the balance of the environments, it safeguards its almost aristocratic identity, in order to maintain its harmony and its charm; for these reasons it is possible to include Cavallo Island among the latest place that are protected by the human with particular attention and care.

When arrives at the harbour by the Island’s private boat, the only one that can carry the authorized guests to the dock, the first sight is directed to the spectacular pink rocks, which being smoothed down by the wind look like strong arms. Right after that sight we understand that the essential element of Cavallo is the sea.

The Island is unpopulated for eight months during the year and even in summer time it is inhabited by the few residents of private villas. For this reason, the marine environment displays as a dynamic universe whose activity is absolutly extraordinary.

The diving and the scuba diving in aponea’s experiences take place in the bright and uncontaminated sea bottoms, and even the most simplest swim can offer the chance to have amazing experiences, such as to swim among hundreds of silvery fishes or to be able to caress gilthead breams or a grouper intrigued by human’s presence.

The clear blue water who flows through the deserted beaches of Cavallo, which are nestled among the pink rocks and the golden sand, it instills the quintessence of the relationship between the man and the sea. The sunlight shines and the mediterranean winds’ spirit make the Island to sparkle, like it was an emerald. Cavallo Island offers such an unique stay and experiences, that we immediately think to  the french poet Charles’ words :Là, tout n´est qu´ordre et beauté. Luxe, calme et volupté». (Baudelaire)